Skywatchers of the Sonoran Desert

July 28, 2013

From 0 AD to 1400 AD, the Hohokam Indians of the Salt River Valley, in what is now Phoenix, Arizona, had a thriving culture that could have topped 40,000 individuals. This was an impressive number of people living in what some consider to be such a hostile desert environment, however, live and thrive they did for almost 14 centuries. This video documentary production was produced by Wild Visions, Inc of Phoenix, Arizona to show the world their extraordinary culture, successful lifestyle, and amazing engineering feats such as the building of over 1000 miles of irrigation canals that could irrigate up 100,000 acres of land. Join us as we visit the Hohokam and learn just how they managed a culture of this size and how they kept track of the seasons with the sun.

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